Porsche Diesel Junior 108 | Revell 1:24

16 June 2021

Author | Krzysztof Szpakowski

Update 1 | 05.05.2021

Aerodynamic shape, wide rear wheel arches, air-cooled engine. Yes, it's a Porsche! However, not what you probably thought of in the first place. Fourteen horsepower, single-cylinder tractor is my next project, which is a break from the rally cars and racing cars that dominate my modeling CV.




The model is the Revell kit.






First try-ons and cuts.









Update 2 | 06.05.2021

Painting with a primer and a base color (Humbrol 19 Bright Red Gloss Acrylic Spray).










Update 3 | 12.05.2021

The bolts in the rims have been reamed and replaced with the scalecars.online bolt set (SCO-R004).











Update 4 | 24.05.2021

Continuation of work on the Porsche model.







Update 5 | 16.06.2021

The end of a short and pleasant project :)















More photos of the completed model here | Gallery

Autor | Krzysztof Szpakowski





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