Porsche Diesel Junior 108 | Revell 1:24

29 June 2021

Author | Krzysztof Szpakowski

Few automotive companies can boast a history as varied and rich as the company founded by Ferdinand Porsche. From electric and hybrid cars at the beginning of the XXth century, through tanks, armored vehicles during World War II, to sports, racing and luxury cars nowadays. This is how Porsche fits in the history books.





The 108 Junior model, produced in 1937-1960, revolutionized the agricultural industry in Germany. Due to the low price, ease of usage and revolutionary, as for those times, a clutch the tractor became a hit.




Revell's model, like its 1:1 counterpart, is pleasant to work with. The parts fit well, the decals are amazing - as always from Revell, the only thing that needed to be refined were the recesses in the parts that needed to be putty. The model was a nice springboard from the high performance cars that dominate my shelves.

The list of body modifications and add-ons:
• Wheel bolts by scalecars.online (SCO-R004)
• Battery cables added
• Changed color of the seats in relation to the manual
• Reamed exhaust tip

























Full workshop report here | Workbench

Author | Krzysztof Szpakowski





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