is a website dedicated to scale car modeling. Beginning on civil cars, through race ones, up to F1.


We were inspired to create it by faults and limitations of most of the internet forums. Despite there are some of them which are interesting, most are struggling with the same issues – expiring photos and links, low-quality pictures, badly edited content and no mobile devices support. As the modelers we believe those are not only our impressions.


Our ambition is to eliminate those shortcomings and to develop high-quality content website. We’d like to make it as a place suitable for everybody – from beginners to advanced modelers. For sure it will take some time, but we’re hoping to create a great society!


We thank the people who contribute to by publishing workshops, galleries and sharing their knowledge.

In particular, they are: Krzysztof Szpakowski, Sergey Savrasov, Ihor KorobochkaPieter VanspeybrouckPedro Costa. Thanks!