05 April 2021
Update 1 | 10.09.2020 It's time to start a new project, this time it will be a miniature car of my favorite rally driver - Juha Kankkunen. Subaru was the
21 February 2021
Update 1 | 02.04.2020  In the workshop the car that needs no introduction. This is the version Didier Auriol won the Monte Carlo rally in 1993. A similar Toyota was
07 February 2021
Update 1 | 10.05.2020 Ferrari Testarossa is close to  be finished, so it's time to start another project. This time the choice fell on the rally car - Ford Fiesta
11 August 2020
Update 1 | 10.08.2020 Hi everyone! Here’s my build of Porsche 911 GT3 by Tamiya. This model was built during a local model forum contest, and I could use only
25 July 2020
Update 1 | 17.07.2020 Time to start the next project. It will be Tamiya kit of the Ferrari 360 Spider. I will build it straight out of the box and
16 June 2020
Update 1 | 03.04.2020  After a dozen years of break, the impulse inspired me to return to modeling. I used to deal mainly with military vehicles and figurines in. This
26 May 2020
Update 1 | 01.05.2020 Now it's time for a new project - Skoda Fabia S2000 EVO. Very beautiful car in my opinion. I will build a car driven by J.



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