Update 1 | 07.10.2021

Preparations for the next project have started.

This time it will be Opel Manta 400 (Group B) from Ypres 24 rally driven by Jimmy McRae / Rob Arthur crew.





This is the first of at least four planned Mantas and the first Belkits model I will ever make. Here it is model in-box as well as add-ons presentation that I will use to build this model. At the beginning, Opel's body.






The set includes photo-etched plates and fabric seat belts as well as windows masks. In my opinion, a very good solution, because you do not have to buy additional add-ons as is the case with, for example, Beemax.





Lamp reflectors are already nickel-plated. The set offers several types of headlamps, thanks to which it is easy to modify them for other rallies configurations.





Quality of the decals looks very good. Whether it really is, it will turn out during the build.






In addition to rubber tires, the set also includes rubber mud flaps. Additionally, I am going to detail up the tires with Decalcas markers.





As with lamps, the set offers two types of rims - another convenience if someone decides to choose a model in alternative livery.
The disadvantages, however, are the lack of valves in the rims and the slightly visible screws. That's why, I will detail up the wheels with scalecars.online accessories: hex bolts V.3 (SCO-R015) and tire valves V.1 (SCO-R002).





The manufacturer forgot to mention in the manual that the rear and side windows should be tinted.
I am going to tint the windows with Tamiya TS-71 Smoke paint.





Below are photos of the rest of sprues with parts, which are really a lot, which I personally enjoy.
I like that many parts such as the gearbox, drive shaft and exhaust are separate, which makes painting easier during the building process. You don't have to spend hours on masking.








One of the modifications that I planned is to put the switches on the dashboard. I will use scalecars.online product (SCO-R001).





I'm going to remove the rivets fixing the rear wheel arches. In their place will be installed scalecars.online rivets (SCO-R008).
Another add-on will be door locks, also produced by scalecars.online (SCO-R007).





The rear part of the seats will be covered with Scale Motorsport Kevlar.





Cables will be installed in the interior. I will use Top Studio products (TD 23201 and TD 23202) and scalecars.online joints (SCO-R006).





I will use standard Tamiya products for weathering - Set B,C,D.





And finally, the basic color palette for the Opel Manta 400.




Update 2 | 15.04.2022

As usual, I start to work on the model by fitting parts.








Drilling the car body for mounting screws, rivets, mirrors and door locks.







Rims drilled for bolts (SCO-R015) and valves (SCO-R002) supplied by scalecars.online. Before the first painting, the rims were washed with Tamiya Panel Line Accent Color.





Rims painted with TS-26 and TS-13.





Front rims masking.






Painting the rims edges with TS-17.





The Hexagonal bolts V.3 (SCO-R015) were painted with TS-42, then washed Tamiya with Panel Line Accent Color and painted again with a matt Humbrol clear coat.

Below is the final effect of work on the rims.







Return to work on the bodywork, from which, after grinding and removing the imperfections, beautiful shapes were achieved. Body's after the first layers of primer.









Next workbench | BMW M3 (Tour de Corse '89)




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Author | Krzysztof Szpakowski

15 April 2022

Opel Manta 400 (Group B) | Belkits 1:24