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17 September 2022

Author | Krzysztof Szpakowski

I would like to present the final effect of work on the Opel Manta 400 (Group B) model by Belkits.

The work lasted 5 months and it is my first Manta and Belkits model as well. Overall, I am very pleased with the quality of the kit and the number of details that the manufacturer has supplied. However, this did not stop me from many modifications and additions that detailed up the Opel.

The Opel Manta 400 is the rally successor of Opel Askona 400. Despite the constant modifications and development work on the car, Opel did not achieve such success again as in 1982 when Walter Röhrl won the Askona 400 world championship. This did not prevent the Manta from becoming a rally icon of the '80s. A little complicated, and thus a very reliable car, many times outperformed more powerful competitors who had four-wheel drive cars. The greatest successes and their cult status were achieved in the National Championships of Great Britain, Ireland, France and Belgium.

4 cylinder engine with a capacity of 2.4 l generated a power of 280 hp. All power was transferred to the rear axle and its drive axle, which made drivers like Ari Vattanen, Russell Brookes and Jimmy McRae spectacularly and incessantly drove in a controlled skid.


The presented model is a miniature car of Jimmy McRae, five-time British Rally Champion. In 1984 McRae won his third championship title at the wheel of a Manta 400, defeating Hannu Mikkole driving an Audi Quattro.
The model comes from the Ypres 24 Hours rally, which was part of the European Rally Championship. Jimmy took 4th place in it.


The list of body modifications and add-ons:

• Bolts in rims - scalecars.online Hex V.3 (SCO-R015)

• Valves added - scalecars.online V.1 (SCO-R002)

• Changed rivets in the wheel arches - scalecars.online 0.6 mm (round head) (SCO-R008)

• Front and rear bumper mounting elements added - scalecars.online 0.6 mm (round head) (SCO-R008)

• Added halogens mounting bolts - Hobby Design 1.0 mm

• Changed door locks - scalecars.online (SCO-R007)

• Tinted side and rear window

• Added side window frames

• Changed antenna - Beemax

• Modified windshield washer tips

• Modified rear lamp reflectors

• Tire markings - Decalcas decals

• Custom rear mud flaps - masking tape

The list of interior modifications and add-ons:

• Added imitations of sponge pads on the roll cage

• Added electrical wires - scalecars.online 0.6 mm (SCO-A001)

• Added fuel lines with fittings - Top Studio 0.8 mm + scalecars.online (SCO-R006

• Extinguishing system hoses added - scalecars.online 0.6 mm (SCO-A001)

• Handbrake cables added - Top Studio 0.6 mm

• Ignition packs and rev limiter cables added - scalecars.online 0.6 mm (SCO-A001)

• Changed mounting of the pilot's foo test - śruby scalecars.online Hex V.5 (SCO-R017)

• Added non-slip mats on the brake and clutch pedals

• Modified dashboard and central console

• ON/OFF switches - scalecars.online (SCO-R001)

• Modified dashboard warning lights - nity 0.6 mm scalecars.online (SCO-R008)

• Added headphones and intercom cables

• Transmission cover mounting bolts added - scalecars.online 1.0 mm (round head) (SCO-R024)

• Modified colors of the jack

• Belt holding the jack added

• Changed belt buckles and fasteners - combination scalecars.online (SCO-R020) and Belkits

The list of chassis modifications and add-ons:

• Changed bolts in the rear and middle of the chassis - scalecars.online Hex V.3 (SCO-R015)

• Thermal shields added

• Lowered front suspension

• Transmission cover mounting bolts added - scalecars.online Hex V.2 (SCO-R003)

• Reamed exhaust tip
































YouTube video below.



Full workshop report here | Workbench

Author | Krzysztof Szpakowski





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