The final effect of work on Subaru. A whole year has passed from the official start of this project to its completion. The dates coincide with Juha Kankkunenen's Birthday and the model is my personal tribute to the four-time World Champion.




The Monte Carlo Rally is famous for its surprises and twists. The 68th edition of this classic was no different. Peugeots broke down after the first day of the competition. Richard Burns driving a Subaru shared their fate. For Juha Kankkunen, the rally also started unlucky. Problems with the car's electrics pushed the crew to 12th place after the first episode. After three days of catching up, the Finnish team was fourth in the overall ranking. However, in the last special stage, Scotsman Colin McRae, who was fighting for the second place, was eliminated from the rally due to the failure of his Ford Focus. This is how the Kankkunen / Repo crew jumped to the podium of the first rally of the new millennium.





As standard, the Tamiya model was doing great, but to adapt the miniature to the specification from 2000, a lot of details had to be changed. The list of modifications is below, but in the meantime, check the final gallery.

The list of body modifications and add-ons:
• Decals adjusted to the Monte Carlo Rally 2000 specification (C.B.COM decals set, Subaru decals from versions Subaru WRC 98, 99, 2001, decals from Ford Focus MC 2000)
• Carbon-covered mirror and mirror cap
• Tire markers
• Changed colorostic of the rims
• Valves in the rims
• Halogen’s fixing bolts
• Halogens from Subaru WRC 2001
• Changed headlamp bulbs
• Modified antennas from Subaru 2001
• Mesh in the bumper and hood from the Hobby Design kit
• Changed indicators in the front wheel arches
• Changed sprinkler tips on the hood
• Clasps on the hood and lid, Hobby Design photo-etched set
• Rear spoiler filled up with a putty

The list of interior modifications and add-ons:
Modified roll cage - reinforcements on the front pillars and removed protective sponges on the side windows
Modified covered with carbon and sponsored advertisements protective panels for the driver and the pilot
• Changed steering column and covered with carbon with a gear lever (Subaru WRC 2001)
• The hole of the gear stick plugged with a carbon plate
• Changed steering wheel (Subaru WRC 2001) with added wires and badge
• Carbon covered dashboard and pilot’s panel
• Changed dashboard switches and knobs - modeling rivets and a set of Hobby Design
• Added cover of the pilot panel
• Added booklet with route description (Subaru WRC 2001)
Added and wrapped with advertisements Subaru intercom headphones (Subaru WRC 2001)
Added and covered with carbon compartment for maps to the pilot's side
• Intercom wires
• Added on-board camera with a wire
• Added flashlights for map reading during night stages
• Modified and covered with carbon handbrake lever
• Added handbrake hydraulic lines
• Added driver and pilot helmets (Subaru WRC 2001)
• Modified rack and case for helmets
• Additional rivets in the luggage compartment bulkhead
• Drilled rear shelf and added front to cabin decompression
• Added fuel, electricity and water lines
• Modified and covered with carbon X-8 plate
• Modified on-board computers with added wires and descriptions
• Carbon-coated battery cover
• Modified fire extinguishing system with added hoses (Subaru WRC 2001)
• Modified driver's footrest
• Non-slip mats on the clutch and brake pedals
• Fabric seatbelts with Hobby Design buckles
• Modified and carbon-covered pilot’s footrest
• Non-slip ''dots'' on the pilot's riser
• Added buttons in the pilot’s footrest
• Added impact wrench
• Added air vents on the headliner (Subaru WRC 2001)
• Carbon-wrapped and modified door panels
• Homologation sticker on the roll cage

The list of chassis and engine modifications and add-ons:
• Lowered suspension
• Changed brake discs and calipers (Hobby Design photo-etch set)
• Reamed exhaust tip
• Thermal insulation wrapped exhaust
• Duct covered with thermal insulation
• Changed colors of the engine cover
• Carbon covered chassis covers
• Modified and added engine and intercooler radiators
• Added carbon wheel arches

In a word of conclusion - when it comes to this project, I am satisfied as a modeler and motorsport fan. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to meet and talk to Juha Kankkunen several times. I have seen and photographed the factory Subaru Impreza more than once, so in this respect I am also fully satisfied.
I hope you will like the miniature. This is probably one of the most accurately and meticulously made models by me.



Krzysztof Szpakowski




























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Author | Krzysztof Szpakowski





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Author | Krzysztof Szpakowski

03 May 2021

Subaru Impreza S5 WRC '00 | Tamiya 1:24