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08 April 2022

Author | Piotr Loranc



The Porsche 911 SC RS was the first rally car prepared by Prodrive for the Porsche Rothmans Rally Team.

The car was built on the basis of the 2nd generation of the 911 model. Porsche in the 911 SC RS used a body from the Turbo model and aluminum doors and fiberglass bumpers in order to leigh weight the car as much as possible.

The car had a 6-cylinder, 3-liter engine in the traditional Porsche Boxer configuration with a power of about 290HP. Which, with a car weight of 960 kg, gave the ratio of 3.3 kg/KM.

The car competed in the Group B era, so its greatest successes were limited to victories in gravel/sand rounds such as the Oman Rally, which it won in 1984 and 1985.





Model and list of accessories and components:

• Porsche 911 SC RS '84 Oman Rally Winner model from NuNu
• NuNu photo-etched parts
• scalecars.online (SCO-R004) hexagonal bolts
• scalecars.online (SCO-R007) door locks
• Dedicated set of base paints Rally White + Rothmans Racing Dark Blue
• 2K ModelsPaint clearcoat
• Metal rivets
• Warm white LED lighting set


Body modifications:

• Rothmans logos on the sides of the car, rear bumper and windows (self-made white stripe on the rear window with Rothmans writing and Shell logos)
• Self-made white "911 SC RS" writing on the rear window
• Drilling a set of mounting holes for optional headlights on the hood according to the photographic documentation
• Preparation of the body for a full lighting kit (headlamps, rear lamps and indicators)
• The mirror of the rear lamp reflective strip is made of pressed aluminum foil
• Installation of metal sockets for mounting optional reflectors on the hood
• A set of metal fasteners on the hood and trunk
• Metal antenna with a spring and a turned base
• Warm white LED headlights
• LED rear lamps
• LED indicators
• Remote control of the car's lighting
• Modification of rims by narrowing them for gravel tires
• Reaming imitation bolts in rims and mounting scalecars.online (SCO-R004) hexagonal bolts
• Installation of air valves
• Raise the suspension - gravel setup
• Installation of gravel tires suitable for the given axle width
• Reaming of imitation locks in handles and installation of scalecars.online (SCO-R007) door lock inserts
• Installation of the frame/protection of the windshield
• Added the metal skid plates with bolts and rivets and their assembly
• Installation of metal brake discs
• Removing the imitation of plastic springs from the suspension and replacing them with real metal equivalents
• A set of rubber mud flaps with metal fixing screws made
• Added metal clamps to rubber covers of steering system rods
• Reaming the muffler exhaust pipes
• Washed the engine, gearbox and exhaust system
• Aging of exhaust manifolds (metal burning)


Interior modifications:
• The backs of the seats covered with Kevlar
• Installation of 6-point safety belts with metal buckles and a metal fastening set
• Textile headlining in matt black
• Fire extinguisher with metal clamps added
• Set of fuel lines
• Set of electrical cable harnesses
• Reaming the pilot's footrest
• Self-made wheel wrench and installation on the pilot's foot support according to the photographic documentation
• Self-made lift according to photographic documentation and installation in a dedicated place
• Manufacturing of a tow rope with metal hooks
• Intercom cables
• Detailed up dashboard (added switches with descriptions)
• LED backlight of speedometer
• LED pilot lamp
• Electric switch with a metal cord
• Handle on the left side of the dashboard
• 2-tone painted door panels
• Red textile stripes on the door panels
• Pedals with anti-slip pads added
• Non-slip mats for the driver and the pilot
• A set of helmets with dedicated Rothmans graphics




















Author | Piotr Loranc





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