Ford Fiesta S2000 | Belkits 1:24

19 July 2021

Author | Mateusz Uścinowicz

And that is the time when, after a long struggle, I can finally add the finished model to the gallery. Even though it is one of Belkits' first releases, the quality of the kit is truly top notch. The decals are printed in the highest quality and its thickness makes it really hard to break, so they’re great for people who are just starting their adventure with them. All stages of the build are available in the workbench WIP and at this point I invite you to take a look at the final result.





The main paints used:

Tamiya LP-2 (base color)
Tamiya LP-9 (clear coat)



Door panels covered with Tamiya carbon decal

Pilot's footrest wrapped with Tamiya carbon decal

Prototype rims from

Tire valves from (SCO-R002)

Wheel bolts and undercarriage covers mounting bolts from (SCO-R003)

Material for belts, photo-etched belt parts as well as bonnet and tailgate pins - included in the Belkits set


Modifications and handmade add-ons:

Self made photo-etched disc brakes

Self made photo-etched rear bumper mounting rivets

Interior wiring

Thermal insulation of the middle channel and exhaust

Modification of undercarriage covers

Added an imitation of a mirror in side mirrors

Added a glass imitation of additional stop light

Antenna made of wire

Added a handbrake cable

Cable at the steering column

Metal bands fixing the fire extinguisher

Drilled door handles - originally there were no finger holes











Full workshop report here | Workbench

Author | Mateusz Uścinowicz





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