Update 1 | 26.05.2021
Porsche has developed a special line of cars with distinctive engine and chassis solutions to compete in the FIA ​​Group 5 automotive competition. Several models were made, but the 935J was the best for its time. "Baby", as it was called, was built to compete in the two-liter German championship. The total weight of this car was 735 kg. The car used an air-cooled 1.425 engine with a capacity of 261 kW.
The 1977 German Grand Prix was an important victory for this model.





The Italeri kit comes from 2020. It seems to be no difficult to build and has few elements. I will verify how the fitting looks like.
Italians are not famous for good castings, but it does not hurt to spend more work to this car to achieve a satisfying result.











The car body does not look too bad. You can see the seams on the roof, front bumper and fenders, but actually - every kit has. I found the panel lines to be very shallow so they will need to be deepened.









Porsche 935 Baby in this set is flagged with Martini Racing emblems. The decals look very good and there are quite a lot of them, more than 40. After all, it's a racing car ... and they are a running advertisement!








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26 May 2021

Porsche 935 Baby | Italeri 1:24