Update 1 | 28.12.2021

The work on a new car is starting on - Chevrolet Monte Carlo - an American classic from the 1980s. In 1984, Cale Yarborough the driver for the Ranier Racing team won the Daytona 500 with this car - a prestigious 500-mile race that is part of the NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) series. The entire race is available on YouTube.


This is the first NASCAR car model I am dealing with. While collecting the documentation needed to start the build I learned a lot about this sport, because previously my knowledge was limited only to the belief that NASCAR is just driving on an oval with gas in the floor. However, there are definitely more sports and technological nuances, so I recommend the YouTube video to all who want to get to know them.





The model is a 1:24 scale miniature made by the American brand Salvinos JR Models. The sprues do not look bad, although it will take some work to properly fit the parts. Unfortunately, at first glance, you can see a few substantive errors, e.g. incorrect rims, wrong spacing of hood pins or the front splitter, which should not be there. We'll see what it will be like later, but for now I'm so enthusiastic because I really like this American ride with its characteristic big tires!












I plan to build the model, focusing mainly on the body and chassis. The hood is opening by default and the kit includes an engine, but I won't be focusing on it. I will fix the hood permanently to the body, which should have a positive impact on the correct geometry and more subtle panel lines.













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Author | Adam Łokuciejewski

28 December 2021

Chevrolet Monte Carlo | Salvinos JR Models 1:24