Skoda Fabia S2000 | Belkits 1:24

26 May 2020

Author | Sergey Savrasov | Instagram

Traditionally I try to do something unusual and creative during photoshoot of finished model.

This time I decided to play with some colors.



• Tamiya LP-2, TS-29, TS-52 (for the body)

• Clear coat 2K Mobihel


• Hobby Design PE set
• Top Studio shock absorbers
• Top Studio nuts and rivets

• MasterClub rivets
• Hobby Design 0,35mm black wire
• Hobby Design carbon fiber decal 1/43 scale

• Bare Metal Foil


Handmade add-ons:
• Engine and front brakes air ducts
• Turn signals
• Break balance remote control

• Cockpit heater air duct
• Wiring and wire connectors

• Heat shield of the muffler
















Full workshop report here | Workbench

Author | Sergey Savrasov | Instagram





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