Škoda Fabia Rally2 EVO | Hachette 1:24

30 May 2023

Author | Piotr Loranc

The Škoda Fabia Rally2 EVO, and before 2020 the R5 EVO, is one of the most successful cars in this category. The car built by Škoda Motorsport has won many ERC and WRC2 rallies. In this cars won such drivers as Kalle Rovanperä, Jan Kopecký, Esapekka Lappi, Andreas Mikkelsen, Kajetan Kajetanowicz and many others, which perfectly proves the speed and quality of this rally car.



Source: toksport.com


The 1:24 scale miniature is the car that the Andreas Mikkelsen / Ola Fløene crew took first place in the WRC2 class and seventh in the general classification of the Monte Carlo Rally 2021.



Source: toksport.com


Source: toksport.com


The following components were used to build it:
• Model kit (base) from Hachette - Škoda Fabia R5 EVO / Rally Portugal 2019
• Decals from Rallye Miniature
• Logotypes Toksport WRT from Kalki.pl
• Headlights, rims and winter tires from PABLOdesign 
• Wheel bolts, electrical connectors, wires, fuel system components and notebook from scalecars.online
• LED lamps from PABLOdesign and MF-Zone
• Fluo Green paint from Fire Scale Modeler
The diecast was disassembled into parts, the factory painting was removed and the interior was disassembled.

The list of body modifications and add-ons:
• Full MacPherson struts for suspension added
• The suspension height for snowy special stages
• Tarmac rims with bolts assembled
• Winter tires armed with metal spikes along with full graphics installed
• 3D-printed covers protecting the wheel bolts installed
• Front lamps replaced with full-size 3D-printed
• Mounted additional LED lamps on the hood and bumper
• Metal hood pins
• Metal brake discs PABLOdesign
• PABLOdesign metal mesh air intakes
• Metal sill rivets
• Service opening covers with fittings
• Carbon spoiler
• Carbon hood air vent frames
• Carbon mirrors
• Painted Toksport WRT logo on mesh air intake
• The blinded holes of the front grille were opened
• Crew helmets set

The list of interior modifications and add-ons:
• The seats were replaced with equivalent ones used in the R5 EVO / Rally2 EVO version

• Roll cage detailed up with Toksport WRT logotypes
• Steering wheel replaced with Rally2 EVO version with a set of buttons and switches
• Steering column with full wiring detailed up with the Toksport WRT logo
• Seat belts with 3D printed buckles from scalecars.online
• Intercom cables
• Complete control panel with buttons and switches from scalecars.online
• Full interior electrical wiring
• Pilot's carbon foot riser with buttons
• Rally notebook (SCO-R035) from scalecars.online
• Hydraulic handbrake mechanism with wires
• Fuel system pipes with valves scalecars.online
 Two full-size spare wheels with winter tires armed with metal spikes
• Full harness of spare wheels
• Roll cage net
• A set of wheel wrenches (manual and electric)
• Pilot's bag Škoda Motorsport
• Polystyrene roll cage covers
• Rear door closing cords (handles)
• Carbon electrical boxes
























Author | Piotr Loranc





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