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01 April 2022

Author | Krzysztof Szpakowski



I would like to present the final effect of work on the BMW M3 (Tour de Corse '89) model in 1:24 scale.


The BMW M3 E30 is the third project by Prodrive. In 1987, the car was adapted to the British Touring Car Championship and a rally version of the car was created, which took part in the full series of the French and Belgium Rally Championships. We didn't have to wait long for the first rally success because in the same year the French driver Bernard Beguin won the Corsica rally with his BMW M3, defeating the Lancia factory team, which had four-wheel drive cars. Basically, the BMW M3 E30 and Ford Sierra RS 500 are the last two rear-wheel drive cars that have been able to compete and win rallies with four-wheel drive cars.

The Prodrive M3s dominated the British Touring Car Championship, winning the championship titles from 1988 to 1990. In the Belgian Rally Championship, Patrick Snijers won the title in 1988 and Marc Duez in 1989, and François Chatriot won the title twice in the French Rally Championship. The success of the M3 Prodrive program caught the attention of Subaru, resulting in a collaboration between the two companies from 1990 to 2008.





With no doubt the rally M3 and François Chatriot were made for each other. Already during his debut with BMW in 1987, Chatriot finished second in the Critérium des Cévennes rally.

1988 started very promising for the French crew. Four times on the podium for five rallies, of which twice on the top. Unfortunately, in the second half of the season they had technical problems with the car, so the crew did not finish four rallies and finally finished fourth in the French championship.


For the 1989 season, the crew got a BMW M3 E30 with plate numbers ADZ 9667 and I am pleased to present this miniature car. The steady and consistent driving saw six victories of the season. The remaining rallies are podium places and only one incomplete competition. As a result, Chatriot wins the title of French Champion.


1990 was a continuation of the success of the Chatriot / Périn crew and another French championship. The crew used a car with plate numbers D116 POV, which I had the opportunity to see at the Donington Park Motor Museum, and basing on which I was building my model. The fact is that in all the rallies completed in BMW, the French driver was only off the podium once!





Work on this project lasted nine months, thanks to the add-ons and modifications that had to be made to adapt the model to the specification of a rally car. The Beemax model, even with dedicated photo etched plates and decals, which had to be purchased separately, still looked more like a racing car, not a rally car. Incorrect exhaust system, too low suspension, no engine cover, no helmet holder or even a fire extinguisher inside the car are just some examples of errors in the model. I picked up the missing elements from other models, mainly the Subaru Impreza, which, like the rally BMW, was built by Prodrive, so the parts are compatible. The advantage of the model is a good fit of parts and susceptibility to modifications, thanks to which the work on the model was pleasant, and the final effect is satisfactory.





The list of body modifications and add-ons:

• The red areas on the bodywork are painted, not decals
• Bastos decals - additional Beemax and Renaissance decals
• Closed fuel filler flap
• Closed air intake in the front bumper
• Added screws securing halogens on the hood
• Hood and flap pins - Beemax photo-etched set
• Added windshield washer tips
• Emergency cut-off of power and fuel in the pit
• Modified windshield wipers - BMW M3 Fujimi
• Changed door locks
• Modified halogen plugs in the front bumper
• Mesh in the front bumper - Beemax photo-etched set
• Modified rear lamp reflectors
• Fuel filler - Beemax photo-etched plates painted in the appropriate color
• Modified base of the M3 badge on the grill
• Modified air intakes on the roof
• Modified antenna
• Added bolts in rims - (SCO-R004)
• Added valves - (SCO-R002)
• Tire markers - Decalcas decals
• Pirelli logo - Beemax and Tamiya decals
• Front rim markers
• Added rear mud flaps - Beemax photo-etched set


The list of interior modifications and add-ons:

• Modified roll cage
• Imitation of sponge pads on the roll cage
• Added flashlight on the pilot's side
• Added reinforcements to the rear shelf
• Added rivets in the rear shelf
• Added electric wires
• Added fuel lines with hose joints - Top Studio 0.6 mm + (SCO-R006)
• Added extinguisher tank with hoses - Top Studio 0.6 mm
• Control console with wires added
• Added handbrake lever with wire - Beemax PE plates + hose joints
• Changed gear stick - Subaru Impreza '99
• Added a helmet holder with a new frame - Subaru Impreza 2001
• Pilot's footrest added, modified and covered with Kevlar - Subaru Impreza 2001
• Added mounting of the pilot's footrest
• Added driver's footrest and covered with Kevlar
• Added metal driver footrest - Beemax set
• Correctly positioned throttle pedal with tie-rod
• Additional anti-slip mats on the brake and clutch pedals
• Added manual fire extinguisher on the pilot's side - Subaru Impreza 2001
• Kevlar-covered rear parts of the seats
• Fabric seat belts with buckles - Beemax
• Painted imitation of the upholstery pattern on the door
• Modified dashboard and central console - Renaissance
• ON/OFF switches - (SCO-R001)
• Added Kevlar mounting for pilot clocks
• Added intercom cables


The list of chassis and engine modifications and add-ons:

• Suspension raised by 1 mm
• Brake discs - a set of Beemax plates
• Car's hydraulic jacks removed
• Extinguisher tank removed
• Original gearbox oil cooler removed
• Original exhaust system removed
• Fuel tank cover removed
• Added gearbox oil cooler with hoses and hose joints - Top Studio 0.6 mm + (SCO-R006)
• Exhaust system made from scratch (catalyst comes from BMW M3 Fujimi)
• Engine cover added - modified Hobby Design photo-etched part dedicated to Subaru Impreza '98
• Closed holes in the wheel arches







































Full workshop report here | Workbench

Author | Krzysztof Szpakowski





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