Peugeot 206 WRC | Tamiya 1:24

16 August 2020

Author | Krzysztof Szpakowski

I would like to present another of my models, this time the WRC car in which the Francois Delecour and Daniel Grataloup crew competed in the Monte Carlo rally in 2000.




After many months of testing, debut and participation in several rallies of the 1999 season, Peugeot is entering the fight in the full cycle of the World Rally Championship. The expectations of the team and the appetite for victory were huge, and the first stage of the new millennium was won by the team led by the Panizzi brothers. Immediately afterwards, sports fans and journalists dubbed the Peugeot 'silver bullets'.
The euphoria of the French did not last long, despite the great positions in the general classification and the chance to win the rally, neither Peugeots joined the competition on the second day of the rally. In a rather embarrassing way, none of the three 206 started in the morning... As it turned out later, something else broke in each of them.
I finished the presented model in May 2014. To sum up, Tamiya's miniature is great - many details, everything is fits nicely etc. Anyone can
confidently build the Peugeot 206 WRC straight out of the box and the effect will be great, I personally tried to make a lot of changes and modifications, but it was the most enjoyable work. Wrapping with carbon and kevlar gave me a lot of new experience, which I have not done before on such a large scale. The model took me much more time than I assumed, but well... That's how it is.
Body modifications list:
• Air outlets in the front bumper filled out with a putty
• Rear spoiler smoothed down
• The grid in the mask has been removed and replaced
• Roof antenna bases removed and replaced
• Custom antennas on the roof
• Drilled for bolts securing halogen hood and bumper
• Drilled thresholds for rally car pin stands
• Added pins on the hood and lid
• Reworked door locks
• Mesh in the front bumper from the Crazy Modeler kit
• Added front and rear bumper mounting bolts
• Towing hooks changed from the Crazy Modeler set
• Carbon-covered mirrors
• A carbon-covered air intake flap to the cabin
Interior modifications list:
• Modified fuel tank - carbon decal, modeling rivets, PE from the Crazy Modeler set
• Added fuel hoses with a breather
• Added trays connected to the rear shock absorbers
• A modified jack with additional fastening
• Drilled spare wheel with added lashing straps
• Reworked roll cage - unnecessary mesh panels in the side section removed
• Roll cage elements wrapped with a carbon decals
• Added cables connecting computers to the engine
• Extinguishing hoses added
• Colors of the pedals changed in relation to the instructions
• Pilot and driver footrests covered by a kevlar
• Driver's footrest non-slip mat added
• Reworked gear lever from the Crazy Modeler kit
• A reworked handbrake jack with additional wires
• Electric cables
• Modified center console - added switches with descriptions, air vents from the Crazy Modeler set
• Nokia 6150 mobile phone added
• Added helmets - painted and taped as per crew specification
• Carbon-wrapped helmet holder and added an additional mounting for the roll cage
• Drilled seats to put on seat belts
• Fabric seat belts with Crazy Modeler buckles
• Added lamps (flashlights) from the pilot's side for reading the route description during night special stages
• Carbon-coated display housing on the pilot side
• Radiator converted and enriched with Crazy Modeler photo-etched plates
Chassis modifications list:
• Reworked engine cover - covered with carbon and Kevlar, added metal plate with mounting bolts
• Covers of the rear part of the car covered with carbon and kevlar
• The color of the rear differential cover has been changed in relation to the manual
• Central channel covered with thermal insulation
• Exhaust covered with thermal insulation + wash
• Oil pan covered with carbon decals
• Washed engine, suspension and differential components
• Rear diffuser hydraulic hoses
• Reamed exhaust tip
• Kevlar wheel arch covers
• Crazy Modelers photo-etched disc brakes
• Added colored side markers on suspension elements
Author | Krzysztof Szpakowski