BMW 635CSi Gr.A Racing | Tamiya 1:24

04 August 2020

Author | Pieter Vanspeybrouck | Facebook

This car is meant to be on a Diorama of the 24h Spa-Francorchamps 1983. Diorama is still in progress.
Nevertheless the car is done and ready to show to you.




I use the Tamiya BMW 635CSi as a base. But changed a lot during the build. I nearly completely rebuild the engine bay and made a lot of parts out of scratch with different materials: plastic card, copper, alu sheet etc. The engine itself was a good base to start with. Some components like alternator came from the Subaru Engine Kit from Hobby Design. Air intake I made by myself. Different types of wire made the detailing complete.


The body itself I painted with Zero Paints Italian Red Similar To Tamiya TS-8. Decals came from Renaissance. Clearcoat with Zero Paints 2K.

Once the car is on the diorama I wanna represent a driver change. So the left door had to be cut open, with plastic card I made the door strokes. Some clear plastic card was used for the frameless window. I also open the tank cap to connect a compressor on for the Air Jacks.


The interior was also completely rebuild. Replacing the thick plastic for thinner ones to make it all that little bit more real. Had to delete and add some bars at the rollcage. Cut the seat in half because it was to wide. The dashboard has to be replaced a little bit to the back because of all the work in the engine bay.


I rebuild the whole struts and brakes to a centerlock system. I used the Hobby Design Brembo brake kit for the brake calibers and discs although the PE side of the discs I used from the upgrade set from Hobby Design for this car. Along the way I use some more things out of this upgrade set like the hood fasteners and steering wheel insert. Air Jacks where made so the car can stand without wheels.





At the end there was the weathering, I wont do it to much. There is always a discussion point when to stop with it. With the airbrush I made a dust coat with a mix of buff and sky grey. Next was a mix of different dark browns and black to concentrate on particular parts. In the end I went with some oils to make for example some stripes at the roof. With a tootprick I made some details in the weathering again.


Model kit:

• Tamiya BMW 635CSi Gr.A Racing (24061)



• Hobby Design Brembo Brake System 1 (HD03-0209)

• Hobby Design BMW 635CSi Upgrade Set (HD02-0255)

• MSM Creation German Car Emblems (MSMA031)










Author | Pieter Vanspeybrouck | Facebook





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