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29 August 2021

Author | Piotr Loranc

Due to the fact that my project is a contest model, I started its build, in accordance with the rules of the contest, on May 1st, 2021. I completed the build on August 24th, 2021. It took me about 280 hours to make the miniature in the condition shown below.



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The Monte Carlo Rally opening the 2020 season was the most remembered thanks to two reasons:

The first was a Thierry Neuville's win of the Hyundai team, which thus broke the impressive series of Sebastien Ogier, who had been winning on the routes of the Principality and the French Alps for the previous 6 years. The second was a horrible accident of champion title defender Ott Tanak, who went off the road on Stage 4 and rolled down the hill. Fortunately, the crew survived this accident unscathed.


Somewhat in the background of the competition for the podium of the Rally, there was a fight for the 4th and 5th position, which was won by the Lappi/Ferm crew, who overtook by 1 minute and 8 seconds Kalle Ravanpera from Toyota Gazoo Racing, who was debuting in the highest national rally serie.

The very good result of the M-Sport Ford Rally Team crew is remarkable, because this team (unfortunately) does not have the as much resources and base as Hyundai and Toyota factory teams.


I remembered the most one corner on Col Del Turini that Esappeka took in full skid: YouTube



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The following components were used to build it:

• Model kit from Belkits - Ford Fiesta RS WRC Rallye Monte Carlo 2017

• Transkit by KMP, consisting of a diffuser, rear bumper and mirrors in the 2019/2020 specification

• Wheels by KMP, which are exact copies of the real ones

• Decals from RacingDecals43 and MF-Zone
... and many extras that will be listed below.


The list of body modifications and add-ons:

• RacingDecals43 and MF-Zone decals, which were used to correct errors in the main decals (highway vignette sticker from the Citroen Xsara WRC set from the 2003 Monte Carlo Rally, Ford logos on the sides of the rear bumper from the 2011 Ford Fiesta WRC set)

• Correct gray graphic on the right side of the car under the MS-RT logo

• Halogen bumper covers with holes for rivets (painted and covered as separate elements)

• Making a set of holes in the hood and bumper for an additional set of halogens

• Ford emblems on bumper and tailgate with correct "Blue Oval" color

• Aerodynamic mirrors in 2018-2020 specification covered with carbon fiber and with mirror glass added

• Rear bumper air deflectors covered with carbon fiber

• Diffuser in 2020 specification covered with carbon fiber

• Carbon-covered front grille

• Spoiler covered with carbon fiber

• The hot air outlet frames on the hood covered with carbon fiber

• Headlights covered with carbon fiber

• Rear lamps lenses painted in 2-tones in accordance with the actual ones

• Front triangular window frames and door windows frames covered with carbon fiber

• Remodeled front bumper's LEAP with 17 rivets added in imitation of the part used during the 2020 Monte Carlo Rally

• Fabrication of a mesh cover for the lower intake of the cooling system

• Preparation of headlights and rear lamps for the installation of LED lighting

• Installation of a set of metal clasps for the hood and the trunk lid by made by Crazy Modeler


The list of interior modifications and add-ons:

• Fabrication of foam covers on the roll cage
• Installation of wires on the roll cage
• Fabrication and installation of 3 on-board cameras (front right, rear and one mounted in the dashboard opening)
• Installation of a complete set of electric wires and fuel conduits
• Fabrication and assembly of a "watering" kit for the crew
• Door panels covered with a carbon fiber and added the missing sticker on the pilot door panel
• Dashboard covered with a carbon fiber
• Pilot footrest covered with carbon fiber
• Manufacture of a battery pack under the driver's seat and cover it with carbon fiber and relevant stickers
• Manufacture of a separate central electric unit with a set of wires in front of the pilot's feet
• A set of crew headphones with STILO and M-Sport stickers
• Gearshift paddles covered with carbon fiber
• Cabin air filter housing covered with carbon fiber
• Intercom cables
• Handbrake lever equipped with a real spring
• Gearshift lever equipped with a real spring
• Implementation of side nets on the rear panels
• Fabrication of a textile basket for helmets with a harness
• Manufacture of the crew's helmets in an appropriate painting and supplement them with the HANS system with a harness
• All electrical components covered with carbon fiber
• The main control panel supplemented with buttons and switches
• The correct positioning of the jack and the electric wheel wrench in the luggage compartment
• Fabrication of a standard wheel wrench
• Fabrication of a carbon base for an electric wheel wrench
• Fabrication of a towing rope with hooks
• Fabrication of the complete spare wheel harness
• Fabrication of a red buckle on a blue strap mounted on the horizontal beam of the roll cage
• Modification of the steering column and covering its elements with carbon fiber
• Interior lighting (under the dashboard and on the headliner)
• Thermal insulation of the cabin on the headlining
• Reaming the brake and gas pedals
• Clutch pedal anti-slip pad
• The protection of the driver's right foot covered with carbon fiber and, on the gearbox side, a thermal insulation mat
• Fabrication and assembly of black seat belts with buckles
• Missing Sparco logo added on driver and co-driver seats
• Added buttons in the pilot’s footrest 
• Homologation stickers on the roll cage
• Added a pilot notebook with a real spring
• Added driver gloves with full Sparco graphics according to photo documentation


The list of chassis and engine modifications and add-ons:

• Suspension columns supplemented with real springs painted in accordance with the photographic documentation

• Brake discs and calipers changed to KMP products

• KMP rims - rims supplemented with full graphics

• KMP tires - tires supplemented with full Michelin graphics with all markings

• Tires supplemented with handwritten markings (driver's initials, set number)

• Reamed exhaust tip and its correctly positioned in the bumper

• Exhaust wrapped in thermal insulation

• Fabrication of a kevlar cover for the cooling system

• Performed full riveting of engine covers, central and rear suspension

• Implementation of a battery tray for the lighting system hidden under the floor

• Installation of a lighting switch hidden in the engine housing

• Carbon-kevlar wheel arches with rivets





Building the Fiesta model took me a lot of time and nerves, but the final result is more than satisfying for me. This is my first Belkits model with KMP components. It is also my first model with full lighting, thanks to which all interior details are clearly visible when the body is closed.
I believe that the Fiesta from the 2020 season (next to the Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC) is the most beautifully wrapped rally car, for which I have a sentiment. This model is also my first fully completed project after over 5 years of break from modeling.


I hope that you will like the miniature and will encourage you to start such a great hobby as rally modeling or to continue it and develop your skills.





















Author | Piotr Loranc





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