Ferrari Testarossa | Tamiya 1:24

16 June 2020

Author | Mateusz Uścinowicz

You can see the struggles with creating this set in the workbench section. The original assumption was to assemble the kit out of the box without any modifications. However, along the way I departed a bit from what I assumed at the beginning.


• Tamiya X-7 acrylic

• Clear coat Tamiya X-22 acrylic 


Handmade add-ons:

• Engine ignition cables

• Imitation of thermal shield for engine fire wall

• Cooling system hoses

• Making the coolant tank cap

• Modification of the rubber manifold sleeve

• Self-made rubber sleeves and cables

• Flocking on the floor and back shelf

• Dashboard glass

• Ferrari emblem covered with UV varnish
















Full workshop report here | Workbench

Author | Mateusz Uścinowicz





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