Tamiya 74123 Sharp Pointed Side Cutter

27 August 2021

Author | Hubert Multana | Facebook | YouTube

When you finish a delicious dinner, do you think that the chef had expensive pots? Probably not, because you know it doesn't matter after all. Just like cooks, modelers do not need expensive and branded pliers - they deserve them!




Tamiya offers a dozen types of pliers, several of which are from the premium segment and in this text we will focus on them. The most universal are the 74001. They provide the greatest compromise between precision and durability. The 74035 model was prepared for the toughest tasks and the thickest frames. Where jewelry precision is needed, the 74123 fits best.




Tamiya 74123 is a top-of-the-range product, both in terms of quality and price. There are not many more expensive accessories available. This does not mean, however, that you will find these clippers in any model shop. Recently, their availability is still limited by the pandemic, and the high price means that most stores bring them to order - if they are available.




The clippers are packed in a plastic blister secured at the bottom with a pull-out cardboard. All descriptions are in Japanese and English. From the packaging we learn that the product is not a toy, it should only be used for cutting thin plastic and when using it, we should use protective glasses. For more technical people, information about the parameters of the steel used in the production would be valuable, but such information is not available on the box or on the manufacturer's website. It is a pity that the manufacturer has not decided to use a fully cardboard packaging. Scale modeling is extremely environmentally harmful and plastic should be abandoned where it is unnecessary.




The nippers Tamiya 74123 are profiled and covered with a rough, non-slip material. They fit well in the hand, regardless of whether we hold them with all fingers or not. The range of motion is small and the pressure distribution is very smooth. Overall length is 115 mm and weighs 70 g. Although the cutting part is made of hard and heavy tool steel, the product is very well balanced and the center of gravity is properly centered.




Like all other Tamiya clippers, these also have two cutting blades. In this price segment, you can buy single-blade pliers, but generally such pliers are much more expensive. The 74123 blades are extremely sharp and precise. Their design allows cutting practically to the edge.
The cut is clean and free from major burrs. Clippers can handle thick casts like frames, but for this type of "dirty" work it is better to have a second, market set. Tamiya's just a pity.




A huge number of modelers use the basic set of tools, and their models in social media are admired by thousands of fans. On the opposite side, there are a lot of people with a professionally equipped workshop that they can't make the most of. There is a third group that knows what they want, what they need and most importantly - they can fully use the potential contained in the accessories. At the very end, there are people like me. I want model making to be fun at every step. And it doesn't really matter which group you belong to.


Cutting with these pliers is pure pleasure. When the first element that was cut out of the frame, I wanted to start all the postponed projects. After all, I play modeling for pure pleasure and relaxation, and new toys like this only enhances the joy of every moment spent with this hobby.





Link to the review on YouTube below:

Tamiya 74123 Sharp Pointed Side Cutter | Review Unboxing Impressions [ENGLISH]





• High-quality cut
• Production quality
• Balancing
• Aesthetic, simple design
• High-grade steel (supposedly)




• High price
• Plastic packaging





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