Subaru Impreza WRC 2001 | Tamiya 1:24

03 June 2020

Author | Krzysztof Szpakowski

I would like to present the model completed in December 2016. Miniature Subaru Impreza WRC from the Monte Carlo 2001 rally is built on the basis of Tamiya. This is a very nice kit, which is good base for modifications to make it more similar to a car on a 1:1 scale.

Work on the model lasts about eight months.





Body modifications list:
• Added halogens from Subaru Impreza 2001 (Rally of Great Britain) which were modified to meet MC rally specifications and covered by a carbon decal
• Rear spoiler elements were filled in with a putty
• Door locks made of modeling rivets
• Modified antennas
• Metal clips on the hood and rivets fastening the halogens housings
• Metal mesh covering the radiator
• Thermal insulation on the rear bumper
• Valves in the rims
• Narrowed rims so that their edges do not protrude beyond the width of the tire
• Driver’s side mirror housing and a cap covered by a carbon decal
• Front lights housings covered by a carbon decal
• Air inlets elements on the roof and inside air inlet on the hood covered by a carbon decal
• Changed the washer tips on the hood
Chassis modifications list:
• Exhaust covered with thermal insulation
• Thermal insulation of the central channel and other elements of the floor panel
• Fuel tanks covered by carbon decals
• Carbon inserts in the wheel arches
• Colors of some suspension elements different from the instructions
• Drilled hubs and photo etched plates on brake discs
• Shaded or dirty exhaust, drive system and engine components
• Lowered front suspension
• Transmission cables
• Guards covered by carbon decals
Interior modifications and accessories list:
• Modified floor plate to obtain the correct shape of the rear section
• Central channel thermal insulation
• Added fuel line sockets, fuel lines with vents and refueling lines and a fuel filter
• Added on-board computers along with their cables
• Battery cover covered by a carbon decal and added electric wires 
• Fire extinguishing hoses
• Carbon-coated door panels with added anti-reflection in the driver's and pilot's door
• Pilot foot rest covered by a carbon decal and enriched with wiper and washer control buttons
• Pilot foot rest enriched with anti slip pads
• Accelerator pedal position sensor
• Handbrake bar and central console covered by carbon decals, also both elements enriched with wires
• Reworked dashboard with modified switches and fuses, additional elements covered with carbon
• Additional storage from the pilot side covered with carbon
• Pilot display cover added
• Added spare wheel with fasteners and straps
• Modified bracket for driver’s and pilot’s helmets 
• Headphones enriched with cables
• Driver’s and pilot’s helmets enriched with microphones, painted in the proper colors
• Carbon covered steering column with wires
• Mobile phone with its holder added
• Added on-board camera with the wire
• Added lights to read the maps during night episodes
• Reworked seats and enriched with material belts and buckles
• Carbon rear shelf panel
• Added carbon curtains on the front part of the cage
• Road-tax decal
• Additional reinforcements for the safety cage
• Cut out from the sides of the rear doors and then properly positioned pockets connected to the rear shock absorbers

Author | Krzysztof Szpakowski